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In our experience, we have found that growing organically not only meets the standards of synthetic growing but actually exceeds the quality, flavours and aromas of traditional techniques. It’s not just what you grow, it’s what you grow it with!

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BlueSky Organics Craft Growing Kit
The Organic Craft Growing Kit contains all the essential products you need to grow at home – just like the pros. The growing kit products are certified by Pro-Cert and formulated to grow high-quality organic fruit & flowering plants.  Follow our simple 4-step process to grow organic fruit, flower and vegetable producing plants. All you need are the seeds.
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We’ve created the industry’s best plant nutrients and amendments by using only premium, organic inputs.


The BlueSky Organics System is approved for organic use* and specifically formulated for producing high-quality craft fruits, flowers and vegetables. Our organic product line is made up of specialty grow media, fertilizers and additives suitable for high-value crops.

*excluding FLOWER TWO: BUD HARDENER (for conventional use)

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With over 20 years of experience, growing organically has met or exceeded the yields of synthetic methods and the quality, aromas and flavours are far superior.

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It’s Easy.
It Works.

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Can You Grow Organic Cannabis With Hydroponics?

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It’s easy to think of hydroponics as a process that ignores the environment, removing plants from their native habitat, the soil. How could a soil-less growing medium be considered organic? Isn’t our precious soil the basis of ecological sustainability? The…

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The Top Five Cannabis Diseases

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In Soil Remediation with Cannabis we saw that cannabis is a resilient plant, with the ability to draw up toxins from the soil and remediate contaminated land. Though often touted as a “super weed’ with healing pharmaceutical abilities and numerous…

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Worm Castings: A Potent Fertilizer

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If you were to dig into the soil of a natural, thriving garden, you wouldn’t be surprised to come across at least one soil-coated worm. Earthworms in the garden are not a new concept, and their benefits have been recognized…

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